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Reviews, ratings, and feedbacks of the people help prospects to get deeper insights into the businesses or brands before they shop for any product or service. Specifically, in digital marketing, they act as a pivotal instrument for your organization to grow its visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. Moreover, positive reviews add fuel to your already positive ranking, whereas negative reviews and feedback from customers can adversely impact your brand’s performance.  In addition to international visibility, search engines like Google make those businesses most conspicuous and salient in local search results that are recommended by the clients with positive ratings and feedback. The higher the rate of positive reviews on your website, the more prominent will be your brand’s appearance and visibility not only in search engines but also across social media platforms.

Where positive feedback and ratings indicate your business’s growth on the right trajectory, negative comments, feedback, and ratings can act as a stumbling block in the way of your progress. Therefore, although negative ratings are part of the business, instead of deleting those comments, you should resolve customers’ grievances and complaints with the highest priority to avoid any situation that can jeopardize your business’s marketing and sales objectives.


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